• Switch CBD - CBD Vape - Kiwi Berry - 180mg-360mg

Switch CBD - CBD Vape - Kiwi Berry - 180mg-360mg

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Try a sample of this totally far-out new product from Switch CBD… no, that’s not a fruity cocktail or a popsicle you’re tasting. It’s the inimitable flavor of Kiwi Berry, now available in the form of totally safe, satisfying, and customer-approved vape juice. Ride the wave of ripe strawberries and luscious kiwi, all of it suffused with notes of psychedelic passion fruit that will have your taste buds going buck-wild. This vape is designed for use throughout the day or night – simply apply the requisite amount of vape juice as needed to your vape/universal pen or e-cigarette device of choice and use responsibly. If you’re not into the size that offers 3mg of cannabidiol per ML, try something with a little more kick and grab the size that offers 6mg of CBD per ML.

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