• OG Labs - CBD Cartridge - Watermelon Ice CBD Pod - 500mg (4 Pack)

OG Labs - CBD Cartridge - Watermelon Ice CBD Pod - 500mg (4 Pack)

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Nothing cools you off more than ice cold watermelon cut into frosty cubes. Add a splash of mint to the equation and BOOM! Ultimate refreshment for your taste buds. And with a high-potency CBD oil involved, you know you’ll be chilled out in no time thanks to OG Labs Watermelon Ice CBD Pods!

Inhale mouth-watering watermelon and exhale the refreshing tingle of mint with this one-of-a-kind CBD vape pod. OG Labs Strawberry Kiwi CBD Pod is designed for an exceptional on-the-go vape, and is compatible with the #1 pod vape device on the market today…hint hint.

With each pack containing 4 pods in pack quantities of one, three, or ten, you’ll never have to worry about running out of this delicious, nutritious, never suspicious CBD oil pod. Feeling social? Spread the love and give the extra pods to your friends! Now that’s good karma.

Either way, when you order these CBD multi-pack pods, you’ll have plenty of all the benefits CBD has to offer to go around.

With CO2 extracted CBD (the cleanest, purest form of plant extraction), this pesticide free, non-GMO CBD never has any THC or nicotine added, so you can rely on never feeling anything but the awesome experience you’ve come to expect from high-quality, high-potency CBD. Always organic, too!

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