• Don Polly - CBD Edible - Balance Taffy - 50mg

Don Polly - CBD Edible - Balance Taffy - 50mg

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Relax and take it easy throughout your day. No more sweating the small stuff. With a juicy kick of citrus and a fusion of nootropics, taurine, caffeine and l-theanine, you can balance your mind and find your zen —making it easy to remain composed throughout your most stressful days. Made with full spectrum hemp extract, including 50mg CBD and trace amounts of THC (less than 0.3%). Usage & Dosage Eat when you want to relax. Serving size is 1 and each taffy contains 50mg of CBD. Active Ingredients: Proprietary Blend 178mg: 50 mg full-spectrum hemp extract,Taurine, Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA), Caffeine Anhydrous (1,3, 7-Trimethylxanthine), L-Theanine (Camellia Sinensis), Vitamin B3 Additional Information: Available CBD strength – 50mgProduct Size – 0.55 oz / 15.5 g

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