• Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Concentrate - Sour Diesel Shatter - 1 Gram

Blue Moon Hemp - CBD Concentrate - Sour Diesel Shatter - 1 Gram

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All the qualities of the legendary Sour Diesel strain are packed into this CBD shatter. When you’re in the mood for the most natural experience and prefer a classic cannabis taste, trust Blue Moon Hemp to have your back. Just like the name, this CBD shatter is derived from the Sour Diesel cannabis strain. It’s got that famous pungent, diesel-like scent that’s earthy on the tongue. Not masked by additional flavors experience only the unmistakable characteristics of the Sour Diesel strain. This shatter is perfect for people wanting a stripped down CBD experience that feels as natural as possible.

This product has the added benefit of natural terpenes working in conjunctions with cannabinoids. Known as the entourage effect, you get all the benefits of hemp plant compounds working together to amplify your experience.

Typically, other shatter on the market ranges from 45%-75% in purity. When you use Blue Moon Hemp’s shatter, you can have confidence that you’re getting the finest, purest shatter on the market. Blue Moon uses a meticulous filtration process to extract pure CBD oil from the hemp plant, making sure plant material is not left behind in the final product. This process not only creates a nearly flawless product with 99.6% purity, but it also removes all traces of THC.

Give your shatter the longest lifespan with these tips. Keep out of direct sunlight, ultraviolet light, and heat. Under these conditions, terpenes and cannabinoids activate which allows them to lose their quality over time. Ideally you want the compounds to activate in your body, not the container. Store in cool, dry conditions, to maximize the lifespan of your shatter and experience the best results.

Ingredients: cbd, terpenes

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